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Fall is here. Lets fish!

Well folks I've been home from Alaska for about a week and you can certainly feel Fall in the air. Early mornings and late evenings are cool and I've seen some of the first signs of color on the aspens. Water levels are still high and it's time to hit the local steams.

The East Walker is currently flowing at 330 cfs which is more than fishable. Tight line tactics like euro nymphing have seemed to produce with a larger point fly and smaller beatis and caddis patters below. If using an indicator dial in your rig with the proper length and weight. Don't rule out a streamer as well stripped in softer water or close to the bank.

The Upper Owens has some decent numbers of Crowley fish starting to show up, especially in the lower section of the river. Basic indicator / nymph rig is the go to with leaches, egg patters and various nymphs.

Crowley Lake has seen a pretty ugly algae bloom this last week but with the cooling trend we should see that turn around quickly. Most of the fishing has been located in McGee anywhere from 6'-20'. While fishing in shallow water make sure to use perch & mayfly patterns along with midges.

I have plenty of open dates available and hope to see some of you during this beautiful fall season.

On another note Alaska was a success as always. Here are a few highlights from the trip. If you have ever considered a wilderness rafting trip to Alaska don't be shy I love chatting. It is truly a place to experience.

Jason Christian,

(760) 258-6907

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