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July Fishing Report

July is soon coming to an end and what a busy month it has been for Wild Fly Anglers. I'd like to thank everyone who has come out and fished with myself and the other guides that I work with. We had a blast!

Fishing through the month of July was pretty back and forth. We saw some strong algae blooms, which are still a factor, some warm water and some deep water fishing tactics. Overall our guests were happy and we definitely soaked up some sun and enjoyed a lot of laughs. This past week we have finally started to get some fish in McGee from 13'-20' of water. Lets hope this a sign of better things to come. Perch fry are out and about and fish are definitely keying in on other food sources besides the midge. Remember to fish Calibeatis, Damsels & Perch Fry imitations, especially in shallow water and near weed lines.

I myself am gearing up to head North for 3 weeks of guiding in Alaska. I will have an associate running my website so if you are interested in any trips after August 24th I will be accepting bookings from there through the end of the season. My good friend and guide Sam Vasily will be running my site and taking bookings during my absence. Sam is an experienced guide and a great human. If you are at all interested in a trip between August 8th- August 24th please do not hesitate to submit a form through WFA. Sam will take care of your needs.

I hope to get back home just in time for some beautiful Fall weather and my favorite time of year to be in the Eastern Sierras. You can contact me through the website, leave a VM or send an email to my GPS inreach (

As always I like to let the photos do the talking. Take a minute to check out some great photos and memories made from the month of July. I look forward to our next day on the water.

Jason Christian

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