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The end of June and first week of July has brought record breaking temps to the Eastern Sierras and the rest of the state. Although we have been experiencing above average temps the fishing continues to be productive.

Unfortunately with these hot days comes the all to familiar algae blooms associated with Crowley Lake. While this does pose extra challenges it just means you have to be more creative. Paying attention to wind direction and the build up of algae are key factors.

Fish have been avoiding high water temps and are being found deep.

Focusing your attention on drops and ledges along deep water have been most successful. Fishing anywhere from 28-38 feet is where you will find concentrations of trout.

Remember that as things get warmer the bugs will continue to drop in size.

Right now your more natural midges are the ticket. Standards- grey, black and blood midges early in the morning.

Things are getting busy but I still have available dates. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or to book your trip. I look forward to getting you out on the water.

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