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June Fishing Report.

We are definitely into the Summer swing of things. With the snow almost gone in the high country we have gained access to many roads and trailheads.

It has been an odd Spring with windy days and less than perfect conditions. That being said there is a plus side to this. The temps on our local waters haven't been too high. Crowley lakes surface temp has been hovering around 61-65 degrees meaning that its just about perfect for trout in the deeper water where we have been finding them.

This is the time of year where I start to monitor how I handle fish, the times that I fish and when it's good to call it a day. We were able to spend some fun days this year on the East Walker River while conditions lasted. As of late the water temperature has been reaching into the high 60's by mid-day. This means if you want to fish any moving water you should be using a thermometer and taking readings throughout the morning. once temps get into the low 60's I would say it's time to stop fishing and head home. Early morning sessions on the river is the norm during this time of year.

Crowley Lake is still fishing well and is in its transitionary period. With the weeds starting to grow at rapid rate we will see fish move into the shallows, following the abundant food sources. Overall fishing has been great and there are many good days ahead of us.

I still have some availability through the end of the month and over 4th of July weekend. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to our next day on the water.

Jason Christian

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