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Only a few weeks left on Crowley.

I just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone that has come out and shared a day of fishing with me this season. We had a really great summer filled with good company and quality trout.

Crowley Lake has been fishing great since the weather has blessed us with cooler temps. There is just about 3 weeks left to access the lake with the boat. Crowley Lake Marina will be closed on October 30th. You can still fish the lake from the shore or a float tube through November 15th. I have some availability through the last few weeks of the season if you are interested in seeing some prime fall fishing conditions.

The Upper Owens is starting to get some Crowley Lake fish moving into the system which should spice things up through the end of this month and into winter. Remember to treat spawning fish with care and avoid the ones that are active on beds.

As always I like to let the photos do the talking. Here are some good shots from the last week or so.

I was lucky enough to get some time to myself last week and spent the week up North breaking in my new raft set up. If anyone is interested in doing a float trip on the Trinity River or Lower Sac I now have permits to operate on those fisheries. Here are a few pics from last week fishing for Steelhead on the Trinity and some epic trout fishing on the Lower Sac.

Jason Christian

(760) 258-6907

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