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Reeling in memories, Crowley Lake

It's hard to believe that we are only a few weeks out from the longest day of the year and the true start to summer. There is still a ton of snow in the high country which will provide cool water throughout this fishing season but it is definitely going to be a short timeframe for high alpine activities. Crowley lake has turned the corner these past few weeks and there has been some really great fishing. Trout are being caught around the lake which has been a nice change of pace helping to spread out the boat traffic. We have been enjoying some quality fish, amazing scenery and afternoon thunderstorms with very few boats in sight. Lake levels are low as LADWP continues to release large amounts of water through the gorge, at some point they'll let it fill up and we should see some great mid summer activity.

Overall the stream fishing has been a bust this season until last week. Decent numbers of fish are starting to show themselves in the Crowley Lake tributaries so for anyone interested in walk and wade trips, its now an option. For those of you DIY'ers , remember to be respectful of spawning trout. This is the time of year that you will see rainbow & cutthroat trout paired up on reds in many of the local streams. They make for easy targets but its best to give some space and let them contribute to our future fish populations. Generally there are some nice ones sitting just down stream willing to eat your egg pattern that should be fair game and not in spawn mode.

The East Walker River is still raging and is currently at 1190 cfs which is probably pretty sketchy to even attempt to wade. I personally have not made the trek to fish it myself but I know a few people have been getting fish by pulling large streamers close to the banks. When the flows start to drop it will be game on and should be one of the better summers we've had in many years for fishing the East Walker. For those of you that want to hunt for some big boys, that's the place to be.

My bookings have been light this year so I have plenty of open dates available, I still have a few spots open for Alaska as well. Please don't hesitate to reach out and get your name on the books. Fishing will just continue to improve and you don't want to miss this epic season that's taking place.

As always I like to let the photos do the talking. Here are some shots from this past week.

Thank you to all that have made it up this year and I look forward to seeing the rest of you very soon.

Jason Christian

(760) 258-6907

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