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Summer is in full bloom!

Things are really heating up in the Sierra. With ample amounts of water the views are quite spectacular this year and the hills are as green as ever. The fishing has been a little different for sure but we are seeing great quality and healthy trout. Crowley Lake is on the rise and is coming up very fast. Over the next several weeks we will see the lake level reach limits unseen in the past. There is still so much snow in the high country that we will continue to see heavy run off through the end of July. The Mammoth Lakes Basin just opened to car traffic a few days ago just to put into perspective. With limited campground access the Eastside has been pretty uncrowded as of late. I do expect this to change, my calendar is filling up fast for the remainder of July and first week of August. I will be in Alaska for from August 7th-28th. So catch me before I leave or set up some dates for my return.

The stream access is starting to open up with productive fishing opportunities on the Upper Owens above the confluence of Hot Creek, McGee Creek, Rush Creek & the East Walker which is currently flowing at 931 CFS. Fishing on the East Walker River is still limited but the areas that allow for clean drifts and some slower water have been producing some amazing trout fishing. Definitely use cation when wading or accessing the river.

Typically late July and August can be some of the tougher months for fishing but this year it will in fact be prime time. Don't miss out on the record breaking season. I can't wait to get out and start fishing all that the eastern sierra has to offer. Just don't forget that bug spray. With the water comes a lot of insects and this year is epic to say the least.

As always I like to let the photos do the talking. It's the year of the brown trout. Come get yours. I look forward to out next day on the water.

Thanks for tuning in.......

Jason Christian

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