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25 Days Until Opener

Hey strangers,

It's been a long cold winter season for many of us here in the Eastern Sierra.

It is officially the largest snowfall the area has received in recorded history. The water we so desperately needed has arrived, yet everything comes at a cost.

With general trout season opener just over 3 weeks away it's still hard to imagine what spring will look like. However, things can really transition quickly in this area and it won't look like this for too much longer. By this time next week temperatures in the Upper Owens valley will be in the 50's and much of the snow you see in these photos will be dramatically reduced. Reduced is the key word here, there is still a large snowpack in the valley for this time of year.

For me this summer marks my 20th year in the Eastern Sierra. I can honestly say that up until now I have never doubted wether or not Crowley Lake would be ice free for opening day. The photos that follow were taken on April 2nd.

What to expect......

Will we be fishing on April 29th?


What kind of fisherman would we be otherwise. Where we will be fishing is still in question.

Warmer temps bring a higher rate of snowmelt which will definitely increase the flows on our local streams.

As of right now the Lower Owens River near Bishop Ca is flowing at very high 593 CFS. Unfortunately at this level the river is un-fishable to most anglers. I say most in the case that you can always go fishing but with this high water it makes wading nearly impossible and the water temps will stay in the upper 40's at best. Compared to the 125 CFS we were enjoying last year at this time we might as well write off the Lower O for this spring season.

There are some other fun off the beaten path spots to fish between now and the end of April. If you're interested do not hesitate to reach out.

My prediction is that we will have some open water on Crowley Lake before opening day. Access permitting I believe there will be some productive shore fishing to be had.

Many will be keeping an eye on the flows of the East Walker River in Bridgeport as it is always one of our best spring fisheries in the area. Once again the level of the river is what will be the determining factor. Currently the East Walker is at 488 CFS coming off of a flow over 600 CFS last week. I personally like the EW with higher flows. It really seems to thin out the angling pressure and if you know where to be and what to use the fish are still feeding daily.

The Upper Owens above the confluence of Hot Creek is usually fishable even with higher spring run off do to it really being more of a spring creek.

The bottom line, we will be limited on access to many of our fisheries on opening day. I think many of you already know this as most of my regulars are pushing their first trip of the season back a few weeks.

I do believe we are going to have a great season ahead of us. It may take a few weeks to get things going but when it happens it will be one for the books.

I will be doing regular updates from here on out so check back to see whats happening and to get your name on my calendar for the 2023 fishing season.

Also Alaska is on the menu once again and I have dates available to any interested parties.

I look forward to another great summer in the Eastern Sierra with all of you.

Jason Christian

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