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Crowley Lake & General Season Opener

Alright people, we are right around the corner from kicking off the season with opening day on Crowley Lake and local streams. We are officially just 10 days out from being back on the boats. Conditions have been shaping up nicely towards a productive start to the season. Crowley Lake has been ice free for almost 2 months and with the warm weather we have seen over the last few weeks I'm sure those trout have been packing on some pounds. Every year we see some different conditions for opener but one thing we can be sure of is that the team will be on the water checking all of the usual spots to guarantee your success. We had a very mild winter over all and this means the trout have had plenty of opportunity to feed keeping them healthy and active. Even in the heart of winter we will see midges coming off the lake. This spring has been no stranger to some excellent midge activity and we know our little buddies have been happily feeding along the mud bottom of Crowley just waiting for us to show back up.

Don't forget that the local streams are going to see a rise in water levels very soon. This will promote some good activity and bring those trout out of their winter state and back into an active feeding cycle. We had some regulation changes over the winter which closed the East Walker River to year round fishing. This means there has been about a 2 month break on one of the most productive tail waters in our area. We are looking forward to seeing whats in store.

As of right now we still have some dates available for April and are excepting reservations through the rest of the summer. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. We work as a group of 3 experienced guides so we can cater to larger groups. All of our gear has been updated for the season and we look forward to putting it to the test.

Stay tuned for updates after opening day. The photo gallery should start filling up fast.

We look forward to the next adventure with you.

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