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Fall Is Right Around The Corner

Well folks, I've made it back from Alaska right in time to enjoy the beautiful Eastern Sierra Fall season. This next week we will see our first cold snap with evening temps reaching into the upper 30's and low 40's. This is great news as we have had a fairly hot summer with warmer than average water temps.

This past week on Crowley Lake showed some great potential towards fall fishing conditions. Unfortunately over Labor Day weekend we saw some warm calm days which promoted another strong algae bloom. I'm pretty sure the fish are just as much over the algae as we are at this point. However things are cooling down and with afternoon winds the water has cleared back up and produced some great fishing sessions. Yesterday was the first really good day I've seen on the lake in a while now. We easily put 30+ fish in the net between two anglers. I do believe that we have some great days of fishing ahead of us before the season ends.

This is the time of year to come and enjoy the best of the Eastside with light crowds and eager trout. I have a decent amount of availability through September and October. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about booking your next day of fishing.

Also Alaska was a great success! These remote float trips are definitely a part of the plan moving forward. If you are interested in checking off a bucket list trip than a remote float trip to AK is something you should strongly consider.

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