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Reel In The Adventure

Dear Anglers,

We hope this email finds you eagerly anticipating your next fishing adventure. We are thrilled to share some exciting updates and opportunities in our latest fishing report.

Crowley Lake:

Despite the first algae bloom of the season, we are delighted to report that Crowley Lake is fishing exceptionally well. With surface temperatures ranging from 70-72 degrees, the fish have sought refuge in deeper waters, typically around 28'-33'. Soon we should see fish move into McGee seeking cooler water sources from the creeks. For many this is a time that gets us excited for some more technical and challenging fishing to selective trout. Keep in mind that proper handling and release techniques are very import with these temps. Best practice is to quickly remove the fly and release the fish without a photo or removing it from the water. Photos can be enjoyed while keeping them wet.

East Walker River:

The East Walker River is in great shape, with current flows measuring at 254 cfs. This consistent flow provides an ideal environment for a rewarding fishing experience. Grab your gear and head over to the East Walker River to enjoy the thrill of hooking onto some impressive trout. We have been seeing some decent dry fly action when the time strikes and nymphing is as always the typical game for the EW. If you haven't tried Euro / Czech nymphing then you might want to put it on your to do list. This style of fishing can be quite productive on waters like the EW. With no indicationr and heavy flies it really slows down your presentation allowing fish more time to get a look at your bugs. If you have any interest, I love showing people new techniques.

Owens River:

Calling all dry fly enthusiasts! The Owens River is currently offering fantastic dry fly fishing opportunities. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings as you cast your line and witness the magic of trout rising to the surface to take your well-presented fly. Be sure to seize this chance to showcase your skills and create unforgettable memories. The window for dry fly action has been earlier in the morning with the rising temps, 8-10am.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada:

We have an exciting announcement regarding Pyramid Lake in Nevada. A new fishing program is now available, and deposit reservations are being accepted until July 25th at a discounted rate. This picturesque location promises an exceptional fishing experience. We encourage you to consider this opportunity and secure your spot for an unforgettable time on the water. Early season on Pyramid Lake provides some of the best trout fishing you can experience in the lower 48. Average trout range from 8-20lbs +. In October fish school up on bait balls of Tui Chubs and feast like fish would in an ocean environment. It is truly something to witness. Many visitors make this an annual trip once it is experienced. If you support the cause and secure a date you will have top priority for said date as long as I am operating on Pyramid Lake. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

We hope this fishing report has ignited your excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you choose to explore Crowley Lake, the East Walker River, the Owens River, or venture to Pyramid Lake, we wish you tight lines and unforgettable moments on your fishing journey.

Happy fishing!

Best regards,

Jason Christian

Wild Fly Anglers Guide Service

(760) 258-6907

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