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Things Are Heating Up!

Lower Owens

It’s that time a year again. Spring is on the way and the fishing is ramping up.

This is by far my favorite time of year to get out and fish on the Lower Owens River. The dry fly fishing has been great! Flows are low allowing access to much more of the river providing numerous possibilities at quality fish. I have been seeing a strong hatch starting later in the morning and continuing through the early afternoon. There is a variety of insects coming off with the BWO mayflies being the hatch to match. After a cold winter insect sizes are larger allowing us to bump up the fly sizes a notch or two. This definitely makes the dry fly fishing that much more fun. The nymphing has been very consistent as well. The hole you are fishing will usually dictate which method to choose. I’m not always a fan of carrying two rods on the river but it’s worth it this time of year. Being able to quickly shift between a dry fly set up or a nymph rig will yield a higher success rate. It all about the dry fly fishing right now.

Whatever tactics or styles of fishing you prefer, this is a great time of year to get out on the river. Conditions on the Lower Owens will start to change towards the end of April so don’t miss your chance to experience this scenic fishery.

The Upper Owens has also been kicking out some nice fish. If you can luck out and get a day with lighter traffic you will have your chance at some healthy Crowley fish that have made their way into the river. A standard nymph rig is the way to go. Remember this is the time of year you will see spawning fish on shallow gravel bars. Be respectful and enjoy a moment of observation but leave them be. Every little chance we get to help our fisheries develop more wild fish is one we shouldn’t take lightly. As always it’s about getting out and having some fun. I look forward to our next day of fishing.

Jason Christian

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